Rashid flies into Street Fighter 6 on July 24!

Jul 06, 2023 // Andy Wong

Rashid of the Turbulent Wind makes his Street Fighter 6 debut on July 24. With a whirlwind of moves that will send him soaring, Rashid leaves all opponents in the dust.

First appearing in Street Fighter V, Rashid returns to the series searching for a new outlook in life. Having an epiphany, he realizes he wants to find the strongest warriors out there and to record what their meaning of strength looks like. So starts his journey to becoming a vlogger, always carrying around his trusty camera to livestream and capture the spirit of strength.

Rashid retains much of his previous move set from Street Fighter V, but the winds of change have blown in a gift of new moves. Rashid’s trademark ability to soar throughout the stage from all angles is intact, but with even more options to bring about the hurricane.

His unique fighting style is characterized by parkour and nimble movements while also utilizing whirlwinds/air currents to trifle with his opponents. He has many techniques to attack while moving forward, and has a unique Run action that is used from a forward step, giving him plenty of ways to approach his opponents.

For example, Arabian Cyclone is a new special move that can be used on its own where Rashid performs a spinning kick conjuring up a small whirlwind, and can also perform into Rolling Assault and Wing Stroke, which were previously available as V-Skills in Street Fighter V.

As for other additions, Rashid has a feature that allows him to improve his mobility and enhance his moves by creating and using a whirlwind/air current. Rashid’s V-Trigger I from Street Fighter V, where he summons a large advancing whirlwind, is now his Level 2 Super, Ysaar. Like its previous iteration, when some of Rashid’s special moves meet the large whirlwind, their properties change.

Rashid also has a double jump with the new Arabian Skyhigh to keep opponents guessing on where he’ll land from the air. Finally Rashid can switch sides with Side Flip, which can also be followed up with a Front Flip to take Rashid into the air once again. He wants you to capture his best angles, after all.

Super Rashid Kick is his Level 1 Super where Rashid offloads a devastating kick while soaring forward and up through the air.

Altair returns as Rashid’s Level 3 Super where he twirls around and summons a tempest that lifts up opponents before he barrages them with a monsoon of powerful blows.

Meet Rashid in World Tour where your avatar can learn his moves, speak to him about his life, and increase your bond with him through presents and missions. Max out your bond with Rashid to obtain his Outfit 2, which should look familiar to fans of his.

Rashid will be unlocked for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass on July 24. By proxy, this also means anyone with the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition! If you’re on the fence, try out Rashid for free for one hour with one Rental Fighter ticket, which can be obtained in the Fighting Pass. Speaking of the Fighting Pass, the Rashid Arrives! Fighting Pass is available now until July 23, featuring items and cosmetics themed around our favorite new Footuber.

The storm alert has now been issued for July 24 when Rashid joins Street Fighter 6.