Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is Available Now!

Apr 14, 2023 // Kellen Haney

No matter what, we’re always connected.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection brings all ten mainline games to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam with online head-to-head NetBattling, Battle Chip trading, Download Chips, Patch Cards, and additional content previously only available in Japan!

For Netizens not in the know, the world of Mega Man Battle Network is set against the backdrop of Net Society. In this near-future world, everything is connected, from home electronics, to ovens, to the infrastructure of entire cities! It’s up to programs known as Network Navigators – or NetNavis, for short – to access the Internet via a device called a PET, or PErsonal Terminal. Thanks to the power of PETs, humans and NetNavis can easily communicate with one another, and people can bring their NetNavi with them wherever they go.

Still, even in this idyllic world, viruses are running rampant on the Internet, and a mysterious organization known as WWW – or World Three – is looming in the shadows. It’s up to Lan and his NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE, to untangle a web of mysterious events that threaten to delete the peace of Net Society!

Using a unique battle system that blends action and card-game like tactics, combat is handled with a mix of grid-based movement and the use of Battle Chips that are randomly drawn from your Folder. Think of your Folder like a deck of cards – you know what cards are in there, but not which ones you’ll be dealt each round. Building out a Folder that can adapt to any situation, or one that you know you’ll need for a specific fight, can make all the difference when it comes to busting viruses and NetBattling against other NetNavi!

Depending on which game you’re playing, MegaMan can also take on new elemental properties to control the field, bond with other NetNavi to unite with their soul and change up his attacks, or beast out with the strength of powerful Cybeast. In later games, how you play can affect MegaMan’s mood, too. Operators who are skilled at dodging damage and perfectly time their attacks can achieve Full Synchro, granting additional powerful effects! On the flip side, take too many hits, and MegaMan may become anxious and susceptible to negative influences… or worse.

Online play is also included in all ten games, allowing Operators to challenge others to NetBattles around the world in both ranked and casual matches. Battle Chip trading, Style swapping, exchanging Navi Customizer Programs, and comparing your fastest times defeating certain enemies are also available depending on the game, and you can even compare chips against other Operators to see which ones you might be missing! You can check out our blog about online features and technical adjustments for more info.

There’s even more, too. Previously, Mr. Famous (Director Masakazu Eguchi) was kind enough to share a deep dive on features and contents in this collection, including Boktai collaborations that were previously unavailable in Western releases and the Buster MAX feature that powers up standard Mega Buster shots by a multiple of 100! You can find more information from Mr. Eguchi himself in this blog. (NetBattlers need not worry, Buster MAX mode and certain chip combinations are disabled in online NetBattles. You can check the blog linked above for more details.)

On top of everything else, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection also features optional high-resolution filters that allow PET owners to enjoy smooth visuals or revisit the original pixel art that helped define the style of the original games. Plus, over 1,000 pieces of art are included in the Gallery, spanning concept art, character sketches, and official illustrations. The additional “Mystery Data” section also includes unique illustrations and images of licensed goods, and the Music Player offers over 180 tunes for you to rock out to when you and your NetNavi aren’t busy exploring the ‘Net.

No matter what, we’re always connected. Stay connected with the Mega Man Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for the latest info, and stay connected to the ‘Net with Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam!