Capcom Pet of the Month: December 2023

Dec 06, 2023 // David Poole

It’s time for the Capcom Pet of the Month for December, 2023!

Meet Dorothy, a sassy kitty born on the 6th of July, in the year of 2010. Other aliases for her include Dort, D Money, and Trash Boat, though you can call her whatever you want and she still won’t respond.

At 13 years young, this feisty feline may look innocent, but don’t let the facade fool you. She can be quite the devious one. She’ll sit in the middle of a room, practically begging for your attention, only to strike when you least expect it.

Despite her criminal behavior, Dorothy can still find moments of peace. She finds that there’s no place like home, which is where she has access to her favorite Tinker Bell movies and Cat TV videos. Even though she doesn’t like much else, if you find yourself sitting alone in the dark, Dorothy just might gently tap you on the shoulder and thank you for being a friend.

Tune in on the first Wednesday of every month to see the next Capcom Pet of the Month!